This site offers all the information visitors and athletes need to learn, or join, the home of rowing on the Sawyer Weir Pool of the Wimmera River.


Horsham City Rowing Club has a proud history of rowing on the bending curves of Victoria’s greatest inland river, and beyond.

The Club was founded in 1972 by a group of enthusiastic business and sports minded people. Their aim was to increase the health and recreation of  the Horsham society via the noble sport of rowing. It seems this was not a fad. Through the years, just like fashion, the water levels would rise and fall like the hem of ladies skirt. The sense of friendship that comes from rowing has endured.

Those 70s clad beasts that adorn the walls of the Club (in their long socks with bearded cheeks and faces) have obviously been the founding force. If it were not for their camaraderie and inclusiveness, The Club could not boast the exceptional facilities that it has today.

The current membership base of the Club not only includes existing active members with a 45-year+ history (they’re not ghosts yet), but also new members, from school to Masters levels. They all enjoy the carpeted floating pontoon (no need to get your feet wet), wide berthed boat house and the free BBQ facilities (thanks Council) amongst garden parklands.

All are welcome at Horsham City Rowing Club.

Regardless of what you are looking for, we are sure to have a program to help you:

  • Learn To Row Program
  • Junior Rowing
  • Senior Recreational  Rowing
  • Senior Competitive Rowing and
  • Masters Rowing